Index of articles on Henna Traditions

Id al-Adha
Id al-Adha: Sacrifice and Henna Traditions
The Ecological and Nutritional Impact of the Muslim Feast of Sacrifice, and the Significance of Henna in this Sacrifice; Catherine Cartwright-Jones 

Lailet al Hinna fi Sharq’ia: Night of the Henna in Sharq’ia by Penni AlZayer
/bride   Saudi  Arabia   dough resist    henaya  Arabian traditions   Arab women's traditions/

Childbirth and Postpartum Traditions
/culture   tradtion   pregnancy   birth   malevolent   protection/      

Henna for Children in Siwa Oasis, Egypt
/circumcision   egypt   traditions   boys   patterns   evil eye/

Morocco:  A Trip to a Moroccan Hamam
/Morocco   Hamam   bathhouse   women   beauty/

Turkey:  Henna and the Ottoman Hamam
/Turkey   Ottoman   hamam   bathhouse   women   beauty/ 

Henna and Horses
/traditions   culture   Iran   Persia   horses   war   shah/

Henna and Horses;  at Springtime Festivals in Lebanon
/traditions   horses   Lebanon   festival   Easter   blessings/

Id al-Adha and Henna
/eid   id   Islam   Muslim   feast   sacrifice   blessing   Hajj   Mohammed   kabir/

The Naun: The Barber's Wife
/Henna Artist   Nai   Naun  barber   caste    blind    India/

Jewish Henna Traditions from Kurdistan
/Jewish   Kurd   Kurdistan   traditions   betrothal   bride   death   circumcision/

Circumcision in Jewish Kurdistan
/circumcision   jewish   kurdistan   boys   traditions   indigo/

Kurdish Jewish Bride's Betrothal Henna Traditions
/Jewish   Kurdish   engagement   bride   groom   marriage/

Kurdish Jewish Bride's Lel Hinne Bedulge:  "the False Henna Night"
/Jewish   Kurd   Kurdistan   traditions   bride   superstition/

A Kurdish Jewish Bride's Lel Hanna "Night of the Henna"
/Jewish   Kurd   Kurdistan   traditions   bride   wedding/

Circumcision in Jewish Kurdistan
/circumcision   jewish   kurdistan   boys   traditions   indigo/

Jewish Henna Traditions for the Death of a Young Man
/Jewish   Kurd   Kurdistan   death   male   man   tradition   customs/

Kurdistani Jewish Henna Traditions for the Death of a Young Woman
/Jewish   Kurd   Kurdistan   death   woman   girl   tradition   customs/

Kurdish Jewish Bridegroom's Lel Hanna "the Night of the Henna"
/Jewish   Kurd   Kurdistan   traditions   groom   bridegroom   wedding/

Henna for Purim in Jewish Kurdistan: The Bath of the Maidens
/Jewish   Kurdish   Purim   Girls    Children    Esther /

Henna traditions for the end of Ramadan:  "Id al-Fitr"
/Ramadan   Islam   Muslim   new moon   tradition   culture   donkey   women   children   celebration/

Henna and Jnun
/jnun   djin   djinn   genie   malevolent  jinniya   jenniya   cat   tortoise   cyclone   culture   folklore/

Patterns for Henna and Jnun
/protection   warding   tortoise   wolf   jnun   djin   djinn   genie/

Turkish Village Henna: Cord Resist
/cord resist    Turkey    Eid al-Adha    village  history   lace    sprang/

Turkish Night of the Henna: Symbolism and Practice in the Late 20th Century
/coin resist     cord resist      Kina Gecesi     Turkish village     men's Night of the Henna/

19th Century Turkish Kina Gecesi
/Lucy M. Garnett    Fanny Davis    marriage   harem   Ottoman    coins    Night of the Henna/

Judith and Holofernes
/henna   myrtle    Judith   Jewish    Hanukkah    victory     war    traditions/

Hennaed Fingernails for Upper Class Men and Military Officers in Zand and Qajar Iran
/Iran   Shiraz   Qajar   Zand   men   fingernails   customs   Jubber Kahn   Afganistan/

The Warrior's Wife Calls the Henna Artist for Victory or Suttee
/battle   customs   India   suttee   outcome   Nai   Nayan/

Henna and Fingernails
        /keratin    Fingernails   cuticles   fungal   tradition   cultures/

Henna and Fingernails: Wudu
        /Wudu   fingernails   cleansing   Islam   Mohammed   hadith   patterns/